Vehicle Wrap Advertising

What is a Vehicle wrap

     A ‘Wrap’ is a graphic design applied to your vehicle to advertise your business or project and tell people on the street what you do. This is done using vinyl tape and or painted on graphics.

We can turn your company’s vehicles into an advertising machine.  By using applying customized graphic images, logos and messages about your company’s products and services. Regardless of the size of your message, your new Vehicle Wrap can make a statement and get your name in front of potential customers.

     This is what the “Experts” are saying about mobile advertising …

Here are the results of research by Arbitron, Inc 2010

cost per thousand impressions 700pw      A different study by The Traffic Audit Bureau found that 94% of people remembered seeing the billboard and 80% remembered the specific ad resulting in a sales increase of 107%.

     To learn more about advertising, please see this article on Wikipedia …

     Ever wonder why big companies, really big companies, spend the money to advertise on their vehicles? Could it be that they know something? Something like, “this vehicle advertising seems to be working, maybe we should keep doing it.”

Successful Businesses Use Vehicle Wraps

What do you think about this little company … ? fx1

Do you know this company? How do you know about it?
Do you think they know what they’re doing? Are they successful? Do you think they know how to use a vehicle wrap?


You have the car or truck to use in business. Whether you’re making deliveries or calling on customers, you are making impressions with it. People often remember you by your vehicle. It’s the first thing they see. Why not make the impression you want by using ‘Vehicle Advertising’ to convey your message?

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     Experts have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards, such as a Vehicle wrap. TV and radio ads can quickly be ignored with the click of a button; that can’t happen with an advertisement on a vehicle. Outdoor Advertising Magazine said that mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate and 99% of those surveyed thought that kind of advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.

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